The Details of Kia Fuel Economy

At Kia, we value our customers, and building long-term, trust-based relationships with our owners is the foundation of our business.  We are committed to being transparent about our revised fuel economy ratings and responsive to customer concerns.  That’s why we have established this site to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles involved and our reimbursement program.  We are as dedicated as ever to ensuring our vehicles deliver outstanding fuel economy in order to provide greater value and efficiency.

On November 2, 2012, Kia announced the voluntary adjustment of fuel economy ratings for approximately 300,000 2011-13 model year vehicles and relabeled affected vehicles still in dealer showrooms. In order to compensate affected customers, Kia provided a lifetime reimbursement program to cover the additional fuel costs associated with the rating change plus a 15 percent premium in acknowledgement of the inconvenience. Customers affected by the ratings restatement have enrolled in the reimbursement program and are being compensated based on their actual mileage and the fuel costs for the region in which they live.

Although the lifetime reimbursement program continues, Kia, through a recent class action settlement, is also offering the option of a single lump sum cash payment for those customers who would rather not return to a dealership to have their mileage verified. So, through either the one-time lump sum payment or original lifetime reimbursement program, customers have the option of being made fully whole for Kia’s ratings restatement.  For more information on the settlement and options for reimbursement, visit

What Models Are Affected?

The fuel economy ratings for select 2011-2013 Kia vehicles have been adjusted. Click here to see if your model is affected.